Sample Lease agreement
Lease Agreement

1. _____________ agrees to lease _____________________ for ______ USD

2. A 200 usd deposit must be done as soon as both parties agree to make the deal.

3. ______________ must book the stud he chooses for said mare at time of lease. In case he does not do this, the deal will be finished, and no reimbursement will be done.

4. _________________ will remain in Ruth’s name at AQHA and when a stud is chosen, __________________will send the money for booking and paying the stud fee to Ruth. Stud fees must be paid in full at time of booking.

5. All money for mare lease must be paid in full by the time the foal is born. A payment plan will be custom designed and agreed on by both parties, either monthly, bi-monthly, etc.

6. All additional expenses related to getting ________________ in foal (Semen shipping fees and vet fees) will be paid by ___________________ and the money must be sent when Ruth requests it to pay vet expenses.

7. Foal must be picked up or professionally shipped to __________________ at weaning (usually around 6 months of age). Any additional days staying at Ruth's ranch, boarding will be charged.

8. If the mare dies during pregnancy, the deal will be finished with no reimbursements or penalties. It will be finished with the payments done until the day the mare dies.

9. It is known that the studs have Life Foal Guaranteed. If the mare dies, _____________ will have the right to use the breeding service but the deal with another mare will have to be re-negotiated. In other words, Ruth will not be forced to provide another mare, she could offer  a lease on a different  mare, but terms/price/conditions must be re-negotiated.

10. If the foal dies from the day it is born to before delivery date, _______________ is fully responsible. Insurance for the foal is available during this time from numerous vendors. In case of an international buyer, Ruth will help said buyer find and secure insurance at buyers expense id it is desired

This is a sample of my mare lease agreement. It can be modified to fit different situations and different needs.